Weeding Basics for Any Library

Weeding is critically important for a vibrant, quality collection. This webinar offers  practical guidelines with specific criteria will inspire a fresh take on your collection.  Eliminating outdated, worn, or trivial items not only improves circulation, but maximizes the impact of your collection. In this interactive webinar, Jill Burket Ragase will cover:

·     What is weeding and where/how does it fit in an overall Collection Development policy/implementation plan

·     Public/Staff resistance and how to meet it

·     The opportunity costs of not weeding regularly

·     The MUSTY Method

·     How to add ILS reports/analytics to MUSTY for efficient use of time/resources

·     Exceptions/Special Considerations

·     How to develop a weeding schedule

·     Common Missteps

Following this webinars, participants will be able to:

·      Understand weeding’s place in Collection Development and staff/public’s resistance

·      Maintain the quality and relevance of your collection through ongoing evaluation, including use of the MUSTY method

·      How to use ILS reports and analytics to make best use of limited time

·      Evaluate and identify items for replacement through the deselection process

·      Handouts that review key learnings and provide links to additional readings/info