Sensory Storytime 101: Where to Start & How to Make It Amazing!

Competency: Children’s Services
Sub-Category: Designs, implements, and sponsors library programs that offer information, special skills or entertainment and their families and caregivers.

More than 3.5 million American live with an autism spectrum disorder. The CDC estimates 1 in 68 US school children fall within the autism spectrum. An even greater number of children are impacted by developmental delays and/or disabilities.

Families impacted both by autism and developmental disabilities live in communities of all sizes. Providing programming for this demographic is an impactful way for the library to be an inclusive and supportive resource for families.

In this interactive webinar program, Jill Burket Ragase will give you a variety of tools that you will be able to use to:

• Select program appropriate titles and activities for Sensory Storytimes
• Present and adapt programs for multiple ages/audiences as well as programming area/library sizes
• Create and deliver programs that allow children to continue learning and skill building beyond storytime.
• Enhance storytime inclusion.

Learn the ins and outs of presenting a sensory storytime from an experienced librarian who also happens to parent a developmental disabled child. We’ll cover the librarian tips and tricks as well as things you can do to enhance inclusion and make this segment of your patron population feel welcome!