Booking Fees

Webinars begin at $300. In-person presentations range from $400-$1500 based on the scope of the presentation.  

Multiple presentations, half and full day workshops are possible. Please ask for a quote! 

Most fees are negotiable.  I understand your conference budgeting concerns, let’s talk!


In-person workshops within 1 hour of Cincinnati, OH have no additional travel fees.

In-person workshops over 1-hour drive from Cincinnati, OH are reimbursed at the IRS mileage rate and may require overnight hotel accommodation, depending on schedule and location.

Air travel must originate from the Northern Kentucky Greater Cincinnati International airport and be booked in conjunction with Jill. Host is also responsible for $60 per diem and any applicable baggage fees.


In person trainings canceled within 30 days will be billed in full including any applicable travel expenses.

Booking fees for trainings cancelled with more than 30 days notice will be refunded in full, but hosts will be billed for any incurred travel expenses.

Booking fees for cancellation of trainings due to severe weather may be waived on the condition that the training is rescheduled. Host is responsible for any incurred travel expenses.


Jill is a terrific webinar presenter.  She is always prepared and her energy really comes through.  I am particularly impressed with the research she does on each topic and the educational foundations she sets forth at the beginning of her presentations.  It gives the audience a reason to really sit down and listen.

— Anne Abate, PCI Webinars